A limited number of day-visitors are welcome at Kookoo's nest beach and restaurant each day between  8 AM and 7 PM. 

We have an entrance fee of P300 per person (excluding infants under 2 years), of which P200 is consumable in our restaurant. You can use this link to see our menu (Please note: there may be slight variation from our actual menu).

As we limit the number of visitors each day, we recommend making a reservation in advance by calling or texting on 0919 695 8085 (smart) or 0926 708 1188 (globe).

To preserve the peace and tranquility for residents and day-visitors alike:

We limit the number of people admitted to the beach at one time, and do not allow large groups. 

We ask people to respect the environment, not to leave trash and cigarette ends.

Please do not bring food and drinks from outside.

Please do not feed our dogs.

Please notify us if you intend to bring a pet.

Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant. Although smoking is allowed on the beach, please move away from the restaurant and ensure that your smoke is not disturbing others down-wind and use an ashtray. 

Please do not play music or video games in the restaurant, and only at low volume on the beach.